Commercial Buildings

commercial buildings

Excel Steel has built many commercial buildings, including truck shops, printing businesses, tire sales, and service buildings, to night clubs with ballrooms, restaurants, and airplane hangars.

We have experience in dealing with site work, utilities, permits, concrete, oil separation pits, floor heat, and of course, doors to accommodate any and all types of equipment those businesses utilize. Some of our clients and projects include OK Tire, the Lawrence Welk Ballroom in Strasburg, ND. You can view a sample of our projects on our project page.

Windows & Doors

What most sets us apart from the competition is our highly efficient and weather tight return casement trim for windows and doors. All openings to your building will include casement trim for overhead doors & windows. The benefit of a casement opening is that this method cuts all airflow and allows for a highly efficient seal. Save yourself on utility bills and choose Excel Steel Structures.


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